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  • Stephan Paschalides

Learning About Safety From the New York Fire Department

Thrilled to have had the opportunity to visit the New York City Fire Department as part of our Insight Immersion in New York City with the Coca-Cola Scientific and Regulatory Affairs team. 

Interacting with the brave men and women of the FDNY was truly humbling. Their dedication to protecting and serving the community is unmatched, and their unique insights into our project topics of Risk, Trust, and Safety provided us with unexpected inspiration.

Some of our key learnings from our conversation with the FDNY Chief:

- Proactive Preparedness

The FDNY's approach to risk management emphasizes staying ahead of the curve, focusing on community education and proactive planning.

- Building Trust Through Transparency

The FDNY's transparent practices serve as a blueprint for earning community trust, highlighting the power of openness in fostering strong relationships with diverse communities.

- Continuous Training and Adaptation

The dynamic nature of emergency response requires continuous training and adaptation, echoing the FDNY's commitment to ongoing skill development.

- Community Engagement and Collaboration

The FDNY's partnership approach epitomizes the effectiveness of united action in addressing challenges decisively and efficiently.

These parallel category takeaways really struck a chord with the Coca-Cola team, driving home the importance of weaving these principles into their own work.

A huge thank you to the FDNY for hosting the team and sharing their expertise!

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