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  • Stephan Paschalides

The Neuroscience of Trust

In today's uncertain business climate, trust is essential for high-performing teams. It enables healthy conflict, spurs innovation, and accelerates problem-solving. When team members trust each other, they navigate healthy conflict with ease, embrace risk to fuel innovation, and conquer obstacles swiftly. So how do we cultivate workplaces that empower individuals to consistently bring their best selves forward, regardless of external circumstances?

One of the most thought-provoking experiences of our Insight Immersion with the Hershey Design team, was the Neuroscience of Trust workshop with executive coach Kim Carpenter, PCC, where we learned about the neurochemistry of trust — what happens in our brains when we are trusting versus distrusting, and why this leads to either toxic or thriving team dynamics.

Take a look at a short video about our experience:

Many thanks to Kim for developing a stimulating and interactive workshop that

resonated with everyone and provided us with many tools to bounce back from those tough conversations and challenging team dynamics that weaken trust.

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