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What unique insights can an airline like Virgin Atlantic learn about better sleep from the mattress experts at Casper?

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How can an excursion to a bouldering gym help a pet food company like Purina experience how to bring the outdoors inside?

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What inspiration can a beverage brand like Pepsi gather about modern masculinity from an artisanal barbershop?

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How can a micro-housing startup help a home improvement brand like Lowe's envision the future of eco-friendly homes?

Check out some of our past




We spent three days in San Francisco with
a cross-functional team from Purina for an Insight Immersion exploring the concept of “Real” and how it manifests in culture. Among dozens of experiences, we climbed up the walls at a bouldering facility, harvested honey from an urban apiary, participated in an immersive dance performance, and enjoyed a bonfire storytelling session.

“Now Plus One's thoughtful planning and insight definitely shows. Our Insight Immersion was a great experience and the possibilities of where the output can take us are many."

 Katy Laciny / Brand Director / Nestle Purina Petcare 



One of the most memorable programs we designed for Pepsi was a two-day Insight Immersion in New York for the global leadership team to gather insights around "Modern Masculinity". We visited  minimalist Japanese butcher shops, luxury lifestyle boutiques, hipster barbershops, and many more unique spaces that led to a successful Idea Lab.

"Our Insight Immersion with Now Plus One was inspirational and mind-opening. Their team is dynamic, insightful, and equipped with tons of great ideas. As a result, creating unexpected consumer experiences has become one of my main criteria in terms of my daily work in product innovation and brand campaign development!"

 Jacky Wang / Marketing Director / PepsiCo China 



We crafted a virtual Team Energizer that served as an exciting kick-off for a week-long program intended to bring together the joined global packaging team at Mars Wrigley. Our program combined creative exercises to inspire new ways of thinking with empathy-centered activities focusing on the sense of belonging.

"Stephan has an exceptional ability to create environments that empower people to come out of their shell and have meaningful interactions. Now Plus One produced a remote Team Energizer full of meaningful engagements that helped our team better understand our strengths."

 Autumne Stewart / Senior Engineer, Packaging / Mars Wrigley 



We focused on the themes of "Play" and "Escapism" to design a three-day Insight Immersion in New York for the Sharpie team from Newell Brands. The team was game to try out everything from parkour and virtual world games to improv comedy and a session of "sip n' sculpt", all of which provided ample inspiration for our energy-filled Idea Lab.

 Randee Keating / Director, Consumer Marketing Insights / Newell Brands 

“Now Plus One guided me along the way and organized every detail of our Insight Immersion. Everything we did was not only relevant to our theme, but also pushed us to grow as a team, and have purposeful fun. Overall this was a fantastic experience!”



As part of a full-day Team Energizer in New York, we immersed a 50-person global team from Interbrand's C Space agency in experiences that showcased
the concept of "High-Performance Teams". Visits to Grand Central's control room,
the army, a middle-school debate team and an acrobatic school among others,
led to spirited conversations and insights.

“Now Plus One’s work exceeded our expectations! The day after our Insight Immersion, our team of fifty Global Officers was buzzing with energy and insight. Now Plus One did a great job of making this a memorable and unique part of our annual planning meeting.”

 Charles Trevail / Global CEO / Interbrand 



Our two-day Insight Immersion in Nashville for the PLA board team brought to life issues central to our theme of "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion". Our packed itinerary included visits to the Martin Luther King Library, a Latino cultural center, a center for homeless GLBT youth and a social enterprise set up to help women survivors.



One of multiple programs for Lowe's invited the executive team to Austin for
a two-day Insight Immersion to explore
the concept of "Environmental and Social Sustainability". We visited an aquaponics startup, learned from a middle school green academy, toured a planned community for formerly homeless people, and marveled at a design-forward micro home, among other experiences.

"Our yearly executive Insight Immersion exposes us to the multiple ways culture is evolving. We try to go into our immersions with an incredibly open mind so that we can uncover unexpected business opportunities and lead the company forward."

 Jennifer Weber / Chief Human Resources Officer / Lowe’s 



We crafted four half-day Insight Immersions in New York for the editorial teams at Penguin Random House to explore "The Future of Wellness". From holistic wellness centers, CBD boutiques and ASMR experiences, to female-centric sex toy makers, breakup bootcamps and digital detox experts, we took it all in!

“Now Plus One delivered an impactful day filled with experiences that defied expectations and challenged our thinking while growing stronger as a company. Our team of marketers and publishers left the day feeling inspired, driven, and refreshed.”

 Sanyu Dillon / Chief Marketing Officer / Penguin Random House 



For Greystar's Marketing Masters conference in Nashville, we designed nine half-day Insight Immersions to accommodate 180 participants. As part of our "Community" theme, we visited a pair of skateboard makers with a social mission, a songwriter's performance space, an ethically-minded shoe brand, and a creative makers' space among others.

  Greg Benson / Director, US Strategic Property Marketing / Greystar 

"This was a really great opportunity to learn about some very unique and different businesses and step outside of our normal world to understand how to interact with customers on very different levels. We brought back inspiration, energy and enthusiasm into wanting to create experiences as part of the living environments that we nurture for our customers.”



One of our Insight Immersions for the Kellogg's brand innovation team had us spending two days in New York exploring the concept of "Energy". Our itinerary led us to nap pod salons, energy food cafes, mood-enhancing perfumers and energy healers, before letting loose during
an immersive theater experience!

"Our Insight Immersion delivered huge benefits to our project and the team. We unlocked some bold new territories  that mainstream consumers would never have volunteered using traditional methods. The effects on the team have been refreshing as well. Two days with Now Plus One has made a few more leading-edge thinkers at Kellogg's. I would recommend this retreat to any company except our competitors!"

 Andy Scheurer / Director, Pipeline Innovation / The Kellogg Company  



Our three-day Insight Immersion for the Sonoco team focused on the concept
of "Luxury of Less" from a variety of brand, consumer and cultural angles. We roamed the streets of New York to learn from
an affordable luxury eye-ware brand,
a premium yogurt purveyor, a mindfulness studio and VR creators, before taking in
an experiential theater immersion.

“Thought provoking, inspiring, emotional experiences that shook us to our core. The experiences Now Plus One curated were worth every minute. From our R&D team to our executive team everyone left our Insight Immersion with the tank full. We really appreciate you!”

 Becky Skipper / Manager, Global Marketing / Sonoco 



We focused on "The Future of Travel" for our full-day Insight Immersion in New York for the Virgin Atlantic customer experience team. Our packed itinerary introduced us to experiences and experts in categories such as sleep, mindfulness, constructed environments, indoor wellness and storytelling, to gain inspiration that translates into actionable solutions.



Our day-long Insight Immersion in Chicago for the Beam Suntory team focused on
the concept of "Premium". We visited
a third-wave coffee roaster and a cold-pressed organic juicery to learn about elevating everyday products through strategic positioning, and participated
in an interactive Expert Session with
some of the city's top mixologists.

"I was blown away by the insight that can be gleaned from getting an inside look at some visionary companies. Now Plus One did a great job scouting and organizing the sessions, and made sure that we got the most benefit out of each visit, leading the team with insightful questions and observations.  I would highly recommend them!"

 Belinda Reiser / Director, Insights / Beam Suntory 



Our two-day Insight Immersion for DSM centered around the concept of "Natural". Our jam-packed itinerary included visits
to a curated herb shop, a healing arts center, a natural wine store, a natural beauty emporium, an eco-friendly cleaning brand, and a farm-to-people subscription service to collect valuable insights.

“Our Insight Immersion with Now Plus One got the executive committee to think about how our products and services can better fit with what’s going on in the world, and how we can best accelerate innovation.”

 Tobe Cohen / President / DSM Nutrition 



Frito-Lay asked us to curate a full-day Insight Immersion in New York for a team of health influencers to observe "Snacks" trends up close and get inspired by relevant insights. We visited homespun eateries, ethnic food trucks, comfort food joints, eco-friendly bakeshops and artisanal candy makers to help us connect the (tasty) dots.

"Now Plus One mapped out a perfect Insight Immersion agenda that was a balance of stretch within our own category and beyond. We gained a sense of innovative spirit from looking at the world through a different lens.”

 Alison Payne /  VP, Snacks Innovation / PepsiCo 



Our full-day Insight Immersion in New York for the YouTube team focused on the concept of "Storytelling" and we explored meaningful manifestations across categories. We learned from the master storytellers at The Moth, visited a gender-fluid concept store, played around at
an experiential toy store and acted out
at an actors' school.

"Thank you so much for the inspiring day! This was a successful day, especially around the team bonding aspect. The participatory experiences were the overall standout for the team. Thank you for pushing for more of those!"

 Cheryl Corbin / Global Insights & Measurement Leader / YouTube 



We designed a two-week virtual Team Energizer program for the Maestro Health finance team that centered around the concept of "Belonging." Our expert-led sessions included topics like storytelling, self- awareness, personal narratives, human potential, values visualization, empathy and rituals.

"Now Plus showed awesome organization skills in putting together our first remote Team Energizer. We learned a lot about each other, our expectations, and our emotions. It was a very satisfactory experience, and I would really recommend this to bring remote teams together."

 Florian Bezault / Chief Financial Officer / Maestro Health 



Our full-day "Masculinity"-themed Insight Immersion for the Ketchum brand team had us hit the streets of Brooklyn to visit artisan barbershops, bootcamp gyms,
surf shops, art collectives, curated fashion boutiques and ping pong parlors among other intriguing spaces, to collect insights about today's man.

"What a fantastic day! I learned so much and felt more inspired with ideas than I have in a long time. Getting out into the field is key and your team really created a thoughtful and provoking day for us. Thank you!"



Our full-day Insight Immersion in New York for the Boden team explored "Moments
of Retail Delight". We visited an interactive digital display agency, a high-tech show room, an experiential sneaker brand concept store, a secret parfumerie  and
a concept store that aims to bridge the gap between online and offline retail.



We spent two days in San Francisco with the Clorox brand team getting inspired around the concept of "Food Safety". Visits to an infectious disease clinic, a sexuality boutique and a doggie day care provided valuable parallel category inspiration, while experts like a chef, a butcher and
a food truck owner helped us uncover
on-point insights to take into our Idea Lab.

"Our Insight Immersion experience was pivotal in expanding our perspectives by illuminating the bigger picture. Stephan and his team are creative guides with great connections. Corporate leaders were impressed with the experience and are now staunch supporters of this experiential retreat for innovation projects."

 Ann-Marie Allison / Associate Director, Global Insights / Clorox