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  • Stephan Paschalides

Future of Shopping: Niche Business

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Leave “mainstream appeal” to the old guard! A new generation of passionate entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the unique needs and wants of niche consumers, who are rapidly expanding in numbers and shopping power. With the closure of so many conventional chain stores, can uncommon businesses fill the gap and attract new types of consumers?

In Los Angeles, we toured Bike Shed Moto Co’s giant warehouse space that has been transformed into an impressive lifestyle behemoth for motorcycle fans; in New York, we learned about the rapid growth of the non-alcoholic beverage market at industry leader Boisson; in Chicago, we grasped the passion and market potential of the creative artisan community at Chicago Makers; and in Tampa Bay, we marveled at the top-of-the-line facilities at Esports Players Club, an academy and tournament venue for the ever-expanding esports community. Having in-person conversations with the savvy owners of these unique businesses enabled our client teams to go beyond the expected and consider the unmet needs of overlooked consumer segments for their own businesses.

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