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  • Stephan Paschalides

Forging Stronger Team Bonds With Unique Team-Building Experiences

Updated: May 13

In the bustling city of Austin, the Design team from Hershey embarked on an immersive journey aimed at fostering deeper connections and collaboration through a curated series of workshops designed to provoke thought and inspire growth.

The Neuroscience of Trust

Led by executive coach Kim Carpenter, this workshop delved into the intricate neuroscience of trust. Through candid discussions and interactive exercises, team members gained insights into the mechanisms that underpin trust within teams. It was more than just an exercise in building trust; it was an invitation to introspect and empathize, laying the foundation for genuine connections to flourish.

Improv Storytelling Through Movement

Under the guidance of director and choreographer Hassan Christopher, team members embarked on a journey of creative exploration through improvisational storytelling. As they shed inhibitions and embraced spontaneity, they discovered the power of vulnerability in fostering authentic connections. Through movement and narrative, barriers melted away, leaving behind a sense of unity forged in shared vulnerability.

Team Songwriting Experience

Led by singer-songwriter Wendy Colonna, the team songwriting experience tapped into the power of music. Team members blend their thoughts and feelings into lyrics and melodies, crafting a unique song that reflected their collective journey. The process was organic and inclusive, resulting in a collective creation that resonated with the team's shared values and aspirations.

Looking back, these workshops weren't just about checking off boxes; they used unexpected methods to spark real connections and ignite creativity. By prioritizing meaningful interactions and fostering an environment of trust and collaboration, the Hershey design team reaffirmed its commitment to nurturing cohesive and high-performing teams. We believe that any brand team can foster a sense of unity and collaboration that transcends the typical office dynamics by embracing activities that bring people together in unexpected ways,

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