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  • Stephan Paschalides

Exploring the Concepts of 'Trust' and 'Safety'

Updated: Mar 14

Innovation comes from exploring the unfamiliar! 🌟

As an Insights and Inspiration Professional, I've had the pleasure of leading many exciting immersion experiences for brand teams to explore parallel categories and uncover fresh ideas.

One of my favorite recent examples was with the Scientific and Regulatory Affairs team from Coca-Cola, where we experienced more than a dozen places in Los Angeles to uncover insights around the concepts of Trust and Safety. Here are a few of the insights we gathered during our Insight Immersion:

🔋 EV fast charging station network:

EV drivers need to trust that the charging infrastructure is reliable and safe. They also value convenience and want to be able to charge their vehicles quickly and easily, without worrying about the security of their car or their personal safety. With a trustworthy charging station, they can hit the road with confidence.

👶 Day care center: Parents want a safe and secure environment for their little ones, and trust is essential to creating that experience. A well-trained and caring staff is key, and a clean and hygienic facility can provide the peace of mind parents need to know their child is in good hands.

🌿 Marijuana dispensary:

Customers want to trust the quality and sourcing of the products they purchase, as well as the transparency in the labeling process. And when it comes to safety, they want to know that their purchases are packaged securely and that the payment process

is hassle-free.

🍽️ Experiential dinner pop-up:

Customers want to know that their meals are prepared with

care and high-quality ingredients, and that the chefs have taken the necessary precautions to ensure food safety. And for a truly unforgettable dining experience, they want to feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings.

🌐 Metaverse technology startup:

In the world of virtual reality, trust is key to creating immersive and engaging experiences. Users want to know that their data is secure and that their interactions with the technology are private. And for a truly successful metaverse, users need to trust that the creators have their best interests at heart, and that the platform is designed with safety and security in mind.

By exploring parallel categories, brands can gain fresh insights and ideas that can inform their own strategy and innovation. So why not step outside your comfort zone and try something new today? Who knows, it might just be the inspiration you need to take your brand to the next level! 💡

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