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  • Stephan Paschalides

Future of Shopping: Art Appeal

Updated: Mar 14

A new breed of technology-driven immersive art installations have grown massively popular in recent years, enabling audiences to control their own experience—and providing a slew of Instagrammable moments! Could blockbuster immersive art experiences replace the ailing department stores as the “anchor tenants” in the shopping centers of the future—and bring back the shopping crowds?

We explored these topics during three separate Insight Immersions with teams from Simon Property Group and Pacific Retail Capital Partners.

In Chicago, we visited the WNDR Museum, where digital and interactive art ignite a feeling of curiosity and play; in New York, we immersed ourselves in a multi-sensory journey through underwater worlds at Arcadia Earth; in Los Angeles, we were moved and challenged by a celebrated artist’s life and activism at Tupac Shakur: Wake Me When I’m Free; and in Tampa Bay, we explored a fantastical, artist-made world at Fairgrounds St. Pete. At each of these experiences, our client teams felt empowered to customize their own journey, deriving sensorial pleasure and considering the unexpected emotions from each purposeful artistic encounter.

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