Where can I have my Team Building Immersion?

Pick the place! Stay close to home, travel to an exciting destination, or combine it with an annual retreat, or company conference. You could also go virtual. Or, go with a hybrid option for the best of both worlds! No matter your objectives, we can help you select the best location.

Who are your facilitators and experts?

Each Team Building Immersion features curated sessions with facilitators who are chosen based on your specific needs and goals. We rely on a diverse global network of passionate experts and thought leaders to inform and inspire your team. Whether in person or online, our facilitators and experts can balance corporate objectives with experiential learning—and of course, a bit of fun!

How much lead time do you need?

Ideally, we'd appreciate at least a month's notice to design your Team Building Immersion. We need the time to research and develop your program, confirm the experts and plan each detail. If your team building needs are urgent, talk to us and we'll try our best to work with your schedule.

How much will my Team Building Immersion cost?

The short answer is: it depends. Our goal is to design the right program for your team, and there are lots of variables to consider. These include: whether the immersion is virtual or in-person; types of experiences and activities; program duration; location and venue costs; number of participants; number of facilitators and experts required. Once we understand these variables, we will help you narrow down options that vary in cost.

How long will my Team Building Immersion last?

Just like everything else, we can tailor our programs to your timeframe. An in-person Team Building Immersion can range from a full day to a whole week. We recommend at least two days of engagement, allowing your team to get comfortable and fully engage with our experiential activities—and with each other. A virtual Team Building Immersion is best implemented in shorter intervals to avoid Zoom fatigue! We recommend at least 8 hours spread over 1-2 weeks, but we could also deliver regular weekly engagements, and monthly follow-ups after an initial lengthy program. Not to worry if you haven't figured out your timing yet! Our programs are fully customized, and tailored to your overall objectives. We will provide you with feasible options and timeframes that meet your needs, while ensuring that we deliver a meaningful experience for your team.

Why should I invest in team building?

No matter what industry you are in, people are likely the most expensive part of your business. Investing in your employees is an invaluable business opportunity that brings benefits to both the company and its clients. A lot of businesses may overlook team building because of the expense, or the time cost it involves, but motivated employees can make the difference between success and failure. Team building is one of the most important investments you can make for your people—and your business.

How do you measure ROI for team building?

Measuring ROI for team building can be challenging, especially if it can’t be linked to financial performance, or output. However, soft skills such as teamwork, communication skills, collaboration, trust and recognizing different strengths within a team can all have a major impact on your business. To prove that our Team Building Immersions deliver results, we can monitor the impact of team building by using a multi-stage online survey, recording team feedback before our program, immediately following our program, and after three months. The three stages not only measure learning, they also provide an opportunity for your team to reflect upon our program at different points in time. This not only helps to consolidate their learning but also maximizes your investment.

What is your overall approach to team building?

We're inspired by the concept of experiential learning as a means to inform, engage and inspire your team to do what they do, better. Our immersive approach invites your team to make their own discoveries and experiment with knowledge firsthand. Along the way, participants are invited to reflect on how each experience is helping them learn and grow. During a concluding Team Talk, the team gets to share their collective insights and discuss how to best translate them in the workplace. Alongside the experiential learning part, we provide plenty of opportunities for your team to express themselves, learn from—and about—each other, and connect on a social level. The best kind of team bonding happens when people are sharing meaningful interactions and having fun together. Our Team Building Immersions deliver on both ends! You can expect a positive impact on team dynamics that will add significant value to your business for the long term.

How do you determine which experiences are best for our team?

Before we recommend any programming, it's important for us to understand your objectives and assess your needs. We also take into consideration your program's location and timeframe, as well as any special requirements your team may have. Once we're able to gain an insight into these key areas, we get down to research, and propose a variety of experiences and activities. Expect a compelling itinerary that is fully customized and curated for your team—no Team Building Immersion is ever the same! We know that identifying your specific team building goals can sometimes be challenging. As an optional offering, a research professional can conduct individual interviews with participants across your organization to unearth needs and pain-points that don’t show up on internal surveys, or annual reviews. The resulting report will allow us to customize a Team Building Immersion that meets your team's specific needs.

How many people can participate in a Team Building Immersion?

We recommend manageable groups of up to 20 participants for maximum engagement and impact. However, we can also design experiences for larger teams to accommodate your team. And don't forget to mix things up! Inviting participants from diverse personal and professional backgrounds will encourage peer-to-peer learning and improve collaboration.

How does the virtual Team Building Immersion work?

We want our virtual Team Building Immersions to feel as meaningful and memorable as our in-person programs, so we go the extra mile to make them special. This is not just a series of Zoom calls! Expect a variety of interactive sessions delivered through live video sessions; offline exercises and tools; a content sharing platform that invites participants to collaborate remotely in real time; and maybe even mystery sensory boxes mailed to each participant. All content is delivered digitally so team members can join from anywhere. Sessions will even be recorded for those who cannot make each one. A virtual Team Building Immersion is a perfect choice for remote teams who don’t get to frequently interact with their coworkers beyond work matters. It’s also convenient for teams working from home, or for those looking to avoid unnecessary travel time and costs.