Stephan Paschalides is Now Plus One’s Founder and Chief Inspiration Pusher. He has been immersed in trends and culture for most of his professional career, culminating in the founding of Now Plus One, almost a decade ago. Working alongside the Now Plus One collective, Stephan has developed dozens of customized Insight Immersions and facilitated Idea Labs for industry-leading brands and agencies, in addition to leading engaging immersions for major industry conferences such as OmniShopper, PCMA, FUSE and Foresight & Trends.

Previously, Stephan served as a Senior Trend Analyst at Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve, where he led trend workshops for major brands. Stephan spends his time traveling the globe and frequently attending cultural events. In his free time, he can be found trying out the latest foodie spot, reading a Scandinavian mystery novel, or sweating through a hot yoga class. His favorite part of his work is inspiring clients to have their own unexpected aha moments.


We are a collective of creative people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and interests. Yet, we share a like-minded approach in what we do.

We are astute observers of consumer culture and understand emerging trends. We eschew the obvious and seek inspiration in unique places. We have not done our job until we’ve led you to a creative wonderland where originality flourishes and innovative ideas are born.