We are a New York City-based

experiential market research collective.

We focus on hands-on inspiration, insights and ideation,

and delight in unexpected a-ha moments.


Immersion a-ha moment: “Watching the candy being made right in front of our eyes was like tapping into the inner child of an adult consumer. From the scent to the packaging to the flavors, it was like we were transported back to childhood; a purely joyful experience that our brand should be undertaking.”


What We Do

We deliver in-your-face innovation with our

highly-curated Research Immersions.



 We observe and analyze global market, consumer and culture manifestations to develop relevant trend-based research that will inspire and surprise you.



We develop city immersions, where we tour leading-edge spaces, observe consumers, interact with inspiring experts and uncover unexpected insights first-hand.



We synthesize our collective inspiration and insights into meaningful strategic frameworks and innovative ideas that click with consumers and push your brand forward .




Immersion a-ha moment: “Being so close to the dancers, there was no safe distance in experiencing raw emotion, hearing the dancers breathe and feeling the floor vibrate. There was a sense of being ‘seen’ both from the audience and the dancers’ perspectives. How does our brand communicate this intimate relationship?”


Our Clients

Here are a few great brands we've worked with so far:


A few kind words...

  • The Now Plus One team’s thoughtful planning and insight definitely shows. Our research immersion was a great experience and the possibilities of where the output can take us are many.

    — Katy Laciny; Purina
  • Our energy-themed immersion delivered huge benefits to our project and the team. We unlocked some bold new territories that mainstream consumers would never have volunteered using traditional methods.

    — Andy Scheurer; Kellogg's
  • Now Plus One’s expertise brought 
a valuable dimension to our innovation project and provided a perspective that helped us develop cutting edge, on-trend product roll-outs.

    — Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa; Yogi Tea
  • Our ritual-themed insight immersion helped us develop unexpected consumer experiences and inspired our future brand campaigns for our brands.

    — Jackie Wang; PepsiCo
  • Our research immersion was pivotal in expanding our perspectives by illuminating the bigger picture. We were impressed with the experience and see the value of these immersions for our innovation process.

    — Ann-Marie Allison; Clorox
  • Our masculinity-themed immersion required a high degree of creativity, attention to detail and a real handle on trends. Now Plus One did a fantastic job and I would recommend their work.

    — Kelley Skoloda; Ketchum
  • Our food safety immersion was a great way to help stimulate our thinking. The added bonus was the team-building and the sense of innovative spirit that we gained from looking at the world through a different lens.

    — Ali Payne; Frito-Lay
  • Stephan’s awareness of culture and trends is awe-inspiring, and his inventiveness is rivaled only by his professional integrity. His results are several notches above even the high expectations he sets for himself.

    — Cheryl Swanson; Toniq
  • Our research immersion was a fantastic way to get out of the office and be inspired by all the new and exciting approaches that people are taking to reinvent various industries.

    — Nick Hammitt; PepsiCo

Immersion a-ha moment: “It’s amazing how social norms seemed to disappear in the ‘real’ outdoors when all of us scooped honey with our fingers and went back for seconds; no worries about double-dipping here! This feeling of spontaneous delight is something we’d like to see take place when consumers interact with our product.”



What we think, feel, see, hear, touch, taste, smell and delight in.

In-your-face branding is still pretty rare in the US, but I love discovering bold examples when I travel. The first photo is packaging at a Paris supermarket; the second one is a storefront in Barcelona, and the third one is the actual name of a Budapest restaurant. (3 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

August 17th


Stunning dessert presentation at Boston's new art gallery/restaurant Liquid Art House. Lovely service and delicious food. A good night out... (2 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

August 15th


Richard Linklater's "Boyhood" is a stunning achievement in moviemaking and one of the most emotionally resonant films I've seen this year. Filmed over a 12-year period, the film centers on Mason, a typical American boy, and his family. We watch Mason grow up right in front of our eyes, from a precocious 6-year-old to a college-bound thoughtful teenager. By film's end, it's impossible not to develop a personal affinity towards this kid. We end up feeling like we've actively participated in his life somehow, an amazing feat considering the small amount of time we've spent in the cinema. What did you all think about this film? ... See MoreSee Less

August 13th

As part of our examination of the concept of "real" for Purina, we participated in a rehearsal of "Romp" by innovative San Francisco company LEVYdance. And participated we did! We followed the dancers around a huge mansion, interacted with them during scenes, and became part of their performance. Specific dancers became "our own" due to their proximity to each of us as we felt their heartbeat and breath so very close. The lines between audiences and artists continue to blur as we seek more "active" ways of engaging, and we were thrilled to experience this so close and personal. (3 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

August 12th


Immersion a-ha moment: “We went in to this thinking that bouldering would be super-competitive, but we experienced constant encouragement and support which seemed to boost everyone’s confidence and performance. This would be an interesting way to approach community-building among our consumer base.”


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